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14 June 2014

Low-cost web security proposed for the developing world

The Raspberry Pi could be used to create a firewall to improve ‘security hygiene’ in developing countries, says the researcher behind the idea

13 June 2014

Joytone Musical Instrument Created With Raspberry Pi Mini PC

The Joytone is Dave’s senior design project at the University of Pennsylvania, and is powered by a Raspberry Pi and consists of a panel of thumbsticks that are used to play musical notes.

12 June 2014

Learning beyond sight

Braille, as we know, is a tactile reading system used by the visually impaired. But what does a visually-impaired person do if he or she is not Braille literate?

11 June 2014

Turn A Raspberry Pi Into An Automatic Beer-Brewing Controller

If you’re a homebrewer and want a way to easily monitor your mash, this project is for you. Lifehacker reader Sebastian built a Pi-powered controller to monitor and even adjust the temperature accordingly

9 June 2014

Raspberry Pi Expansion Board Now Available On Kickstarter

Hobbyists, makers and developers that enjoy using the Raspberry Pi mini computer for their projects, might be interested in a new Raspberry Pi expansion board called the Matboard which has been created by Winchester Laboratories based in the UK

Take Raspberry Pi, build your own private cloud

A start-up business is working on a Raspberry Pi-based network attached storage device that can be used to set up a private cloud.

5 June 2014

Raspberry Pi Gameboy Pocket Portable Games Console Created

Makers, developers and hobbyists that enjoy building projects using the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC might be interested in this fantastic Raspberry Pi Gameboy that has been created

A simple recipe to make the ICT industry more inclusive and diverse

An interview with Carrie Anne Philbin, author of Adventures in Raspberry Pi, who discusses how young people and women can be encouraged to embrace the technology industry

3 June 2014

Molded enclosure houses Raspberry Pi Model B

Hammond Electronics has developed a new moulded enclosure specifically designed to house the Raspberry Pi Model B credit card sized computer.

Google spending $1bn on internet in developing world

A news story, not about the Pi per se, but is definatly 'food for thought'. Especially given this quote "It's easy to take for granted that most people have access to the internet, but only one third of the world, 2.7bn people, currently do," Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Search giant Google plans to buy 180 satellites to help hundreds of millions of people get online from developing countries

2 June 2014

Raspberry Pi PiConsole Enables Wireless And USB Serial Console Access

Developers, makers and hobbyists looking for a way to access their Raspberry Pi via a wireless connection might be interested in a new device that has been created by Open Electrons called the Raspberry Pi PiConsole.

Farnell element14 - New card delivers 24-bit, 192KHz performance

The Wolfson Audio Card is now available from Farnell element14. It extends and enhances the Raspberry Pi audio features

uMotio: SA-made motion controller

A local startup is crowdsourcing funding to produce its maker-friendly motion controller

31 May 2014

Girvan Academy pupils to benefit from new technology

Girvan Academy pupils are set to benefit from an exciting new science and technology programme when they start the new school session in August

29 May 2014

Raspberry Pi is changing and Eben Upton explains why

The embedded computing module will see one of its largest changes in format and design next month

24 May 2014

Raspberry Pi PlayStation 2 Controller Support Enabled

Raspberry Pi mini PC owners that are developing or playing games on their Raspberry Pi system, might be interested to know that the Instructables website has published an article by Dexter Industries, that shows how you can enable PlayStation 2 controller support on your Raspberry Pi

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